Our story

Cities were once wonders — a cultural fingerprint of their citizens. How we lived, where we traveled and who we met, each shaped our perspective on the world. But today, everything feels the same: the music, the shops and the food are more similar than unique. It’s easy to be distracted and cruise along the surface.

But between the cracks, there’s a city you never see. A heartbeat with a unique rhythm, if you know where to listen. A mural in progress, if you know where to look. Every explorer needs a guide.

We call them Savoteurs.

At Savoteur, we connect the senses and unlock local discoveries for people like us: curious, mindful and always hungry. We are a society of storytellers and urban explorers who live across oceans and between flights. We are travelers, not tourists, value quality over quantity and believe great experiences are worth the cost of admission.

Derived from Daily Secret, which launched in 2010 as a daily email, Savoteur is an online publication and email newsletter that explores the relevant people, places and things to do around the world.

Our Readers

Savoteur readers are affluent, urban dwellers, on-the-go creative professionals who crave deep connections and meaningful experiences. They love their cities with a passion, but are not defined by a zip code and are equally interested in discovering new things in an unexplored corner of the world or in their own back yard. Savoteur is a positive injection in their daily life, a source of wanderlust and entertainment, a reminder to savor the small moments that can turn into life-changing memories.

They don't have much time. So we make it count.

Editorial Policy

We focus on the various aspects of city life through our editorial voice. We uncover what is exceptionally juicy about contemporary culture and style. We explore travel destinations that should be on your radar and stamped in your passport.

We are particularly passionate and proud of our content, and only write about things we truly love.

We do, however, work with brands to develop custom content, promotions and events that we think our readers will enjoy. This content will always be labeled.

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